Car scrapping

Making Money From Scrap Cars Is Now Easy

There has been a recent increase in the number of people willing to scrap their old cars. Just choose a reputed company scrapping cars and you can ensure that every part of your car will be disposed of in an eco-friendly way. There are even a few recycling centres in Eastbourne where you can scrap the entire car or just some parts. If you are planning to scrap my car in Eastbourne with the objective of making money, it is advisable to sell the auto parts individually. Some of them are indeed quite expensive.

Want To Make Money When Scrapping My Car In Eastbourne? Know The Vital Car Parts

• Wheels

Check the interior part of the tire if you want to know the wheel weight. If it is made using lead, have steel clips and are a few inches long, sell them individually instead of scrapping the entire car. Some shops might pay a lower price for wheels with steel clips attached as there is less lead.

• Starters And Alternators

Every recycling centre scrapping cars in Eastbourne will agree with the fact that car owners can make a lot of money is they sell the starters and alternators in their car individually. Both of these car parts have a large amount of copper inside them. It is considered to be a valuable scrap metal as it is resistant to rust, is highly malleable, a good conductor of heat and electricity and can be easily moulded into a desired shape.

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• Catalytic Converters

Though you can sell every car part individually to make money, catalytic converters are one of the most expensive parts. Offer it on sale and you can choose from numerous buyers. There are rhodium, platinum and palladium inside them. They host other precious metals as well so make sure you scrap them separately. A majority of the metals can be recycled.

• Car Batteries

One of the primary reasons why car owners prefer selling car batteries individually is because removing and scrapping them is quite easy. How much you can earn by selling batteries is largely dependent on its weight. Since truck batteries are larger in size than car batteries, you can make more money.

Since you are now aware of the valuable car parts, make sure you visit a reputed recycling centre and scrap them separately to make more money.