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Sell My Car Eastbourne Made Easy and Convenient

Brighton Motorama is one of the leading names in cash in exchange for car business in Eastbourne and surrounded areas. We are dedicated to making the process  selling old car services in Eastbourne smooth and simple one for our customers. Since 1977, we have been helping people dispose of their vehicles lawfully and sustainably. We ensure recycling of the body parts that can be salvaged, and environmental-friendly disposal of the rest – oil, batter, fluids, gas, and the likes.

We combine the vehicle information records in the public system, usage information provided by you, and our market research data to give you a completely accurate valuation of your car. We are experts in handling any make and model, irrespective of its registration year. We take in new vehicles as well as older ones with more depreciation. If you want to sell off a car that has failed its MOT or is simply not working well enough for your family, do not hesitate to reach out to Brighton Motorama.

Sell Your Car with Us at the Best Value in Eastbourne

Selling and disposal of your vehicle are not at all an easy process. First, you have to find a buyer who evaluates the car correctly and willing to pay the right price. Then you have to go through the process of documentation and transaction as well.

Brighton Motorama is the perfect destination to sell my car in Eastbourne purposes. We pay fair value for your vehicle based on its present conditions and current market rates. With us, you will get the best deal in sell your old car in Eastbourne and the rest of the UK.

Why Choose Us as Your Sell My Car Eastbourne Partner

• We provide an accurate valuation of your car, aided by up-to-dated market calculations.

• We pay your due within hours of valuation and appraisal directly transferred to your bank account.

• We provide car pickup service from the client's preferred location to save the client from any inconvenience.

• We provide the exact valued sum in cash then and there – there will be no risk of payment failure or bouncing of the check.

We facilitate sell my car in Eastbourne across several international automobile brands. Some of them are:

• Audi

• Bentley

• Aston Martin


• Cadillac

• Chevrolet

• Ford

• Chrysler

• Fiat

• Ferrari

• Honda

• Jeep

• Land Rover

• Jaguar

• Kia

There are many more names to the prestigious list.

Get in touch with us today to receive a free quote and start the process of selling your car.